About Me

hi, my name is Ian Scrivener. I'm an Australian web technology specialist, fullstack/backend web developer & cloud sysadmin. I've extensive (22 years) experience with medium to large scale web projects for .com, .gov & .org.

My main weapons include javascript; node.js, angular.js, d3.js and mean.js, with SQL & noSQL databases; mySQL, PostgresSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, redis etc

In short I'm a fullstack/backend javascript developer. I focus on the fullstack application functionality. Ideally perfect static HTML/CSS will be provided. I do some 'frontend development' but I am not a designer - though I know ugly from pretty & I'm handy with CSS3, LESS, SASS, Jade, EJS bootstrap and such.

As for UX/IA I'd say I'm midweight, though I can churn out Balsamiq wireframes like I'm on crack and usually end up working closely with the business & marketing people facilitating great UX/IA outcomes.

Current best practice for rapid web development in javascript definitely means using tools like gulp.js and grunt.js, amazing swiss army knives for developers that do everything from making you code pretty and compact and committing to Git. Test driven development (TDD) is getting a lot off press, though I really don't see it as any amazing cure all - for some types of modules/components sure!

Agile project methodologies/philosophy (including scrum) are strongly preferred - because they are way more efficient, less cumbersome and plain old fun. Though some organisations are more suited to traditional approaches such as Waterfall. I can't imagine not starting a new a project without Trello and GitHub... it would be like eating a boiled egg without salt!

Sysadmin is something I've been doing for 25 years (since back when a x286 was high end and had a maths co-processor). Of course web hosting its all cloud nowadays and still some virtual machines (VMWare/Xen/Hyper-V/VirtualBox etc). I'm good with both Windows & Linux (Ubuntu & CentOS/RedHat) on Rackspace & Amazon, as well as devops Heroku, Nodejitsu, Digital Ocean, AppFog etc. Most of the stuff I've done is less than ten servers all up. Docker is the next new thing... so I'm across that of course.

One of my favourite project domains is advanced web mapping and GIS. No not Google Maps! I've done over a dozen high end web mapping applications for a range of government agencies (National Park, Forestry, Fisheries etc). I'm firmly in the free & OpenSource camp; geoserver, openlayers, leaflet. Recently I have started working with d3.js for interactive maps, charts & infographics (see portfolio section) - I'm really loving it! A great blend of pretty design/UX with complex coding behind it all.

Through 2014 I've been working intensively with mean.js... its a great fullstack javascript framework which I've extended and heavily customised for some Australian clients.

Often I end up being dev team lead/architect/devops/scrum master... Trello for smaller projects & Atlassian Jira Agile for larger teams & larger projects.